I missed reaching out last week. The progress we are making as a country is slow and steady towards getting back to rebuilding confidence to get back to life as we expect it to be.

I’m keen to express my gratitude to my team at Mostons. They have simply got on with new challenges set and adapted to difficult working circumstances. So this week this is about them, their words, my respect and love. So here is what they have been up to:


I’ve had mixed feelings about lockdown. With three children of secondary school age having lessons at home has sometimes been challenging. We’ve had tears, laughter and bouts of frustration….particularly with the WiFi, but we seem to have got ourselves into a routine.

I’ve enjoyed spending more time with the children, although I’m not sure they feel the same way! We’ve been baking, teaching grandparents’ online games, having never ending games of Monopoly and lovely walks with Lottie (our dog).
I’ve also taken this opportunity to challenge myself to complete 200 sit-ups which I achieved last week!

I’ve missed going out and about on client visits, with the occasional lunch thrown in. Hopefully it’ll not be too long before we’ll be able to see each other again!

Maria E

Generally, I have found lockdown to be a really positive experience. An opportunity to slow down and to really enjoy my home, lunch dates in the garden with Chris (my partner) and Barry (the dog).
I’ve been grateful that I can work from home and for the daily dog walks which all bring structure to my day.

I was worried at the start about my parents and my sister, an NHS worker, but as time goes on I have stopped worrying. The only down sides for me have been too much screen time and eye strain but I’m managing my screen time better now.

The weather has been glorious and now we can have six people in our garden, I can’t wait to get my family round for a gathering.

Wishing you and your loved ones well


Overall lockdown has been a positive experience for me. Restrictions placed on society have allowed me to focus in on life’s positives; seeing much more of my family, exercising every day and (mostly) eating well. I have been undertaking a Star Wars themed, month long marathon, helping to raise money for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, results should be in soon.

I’ve been heartened by the innovation and adaptability of clients and small businesses alike. Whilst fulfilling my end of the bargain and keeping local bakeries afloat with my bread & pastries addiction 🙂

Maria I

As I left the office on that Thursday afternoon, I felt miraculously unfazed by what was to come. Navigating working from home with homes schooling 2 little terrors and tackling the Furlough Scheme, I have been busier than ever. There were times where I felt like I was going completely bonkers and ‘sausage roll Thursday’ in the office could not come sooner. On a positive note I have enjoyed spending quality time with my 2 children, family quiz’s on zoom, pyjama days galore and forever having a biscuit to hand!!


Flora is on Maternity leave and we look forward to seeing her and Arabella again soon.


Not too much changed for me with the lockdown. I am still working from the office so my daily routine has remained the same other than there is less traffic on the roads.

As a family we have enjoyed weekly zoom quiz’s, playing scrabble and have taken advantage of the good weather with a few BBQ’s and long walks with the dog.

I am looking forward to seeing my family especially my Mum and Dad.


During the lockdown I have missed being able to visit my relatives and being able to go out somewhere for the day. However, I have enjoyed being able to spend more time at home with my family. I have been doing lots of gardening and have even started getting into Yoga which I now really enjoy! My 2-year-old has loved having us at home, although he gets bored quick so he’s been passing the time by chasing our dog around the garden with his toy truck!!


When the lockdown started and gyms had to close, I had to find other ways to stay fit and this led to taking up running. A combination of being inherently clumsy and skipping stretching, on the 25th April whilst out on a run, I managed to go over quite badly on my ankle. 4 weeks of hobbling around the house on crutches followed!

Working from home I have been able to enjoy the sun whilst working on my laptop in the garden although the novelty is starting to wear off and yesterday I was allowed into the office and I never thought I would say this but I have never been so happy to return! I can’t wait to meet up with my friends and have a kick about.