Campino Testimonial
I think this is an important testimonial to give although the timing might seem unusual at first. Paul Moston has been a key influencer in the way I think about, and the way I understand, my business and I am not even a client of Mostons. We had a 2 hour 1-2-1 which he dedicated completely to understanding Christian English and then a further 90 minute conversation where he explained things to me about which I had very little knowledge (i.e. building the right company structure, VAT efficiency, director remunerations) – all things that should have been highlighted to me by my existing accountant. Paul has done more to change my thinking about Christian English in three and a half hours than I could have imagined and all on time which HE GAVE to me. The reason why this is an important testimonial to give now, even though Paul hasn’t invoiced me for any work, is because it highlights perfectly the Givers Gain Philosphy. I’m SUPER-EXCITED to say that Paul, you have given your time, and now you have gained a client! Christian English is moving to MOSTONS!
- Christian English Bespoke
Client: Christian English Bespoke
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