End of Year Tax Return
My very grateful thanks to Mostons for the first stress free January in many years. I am one of those people who puts off dealing with the end of year tax return- in fact many times I have pressed the button and sent it with an hour to spare on January 31st with my stress levels at an all time high. I also have made the mistake of thinking that an accountant would be very costly and that I would spend more time explaining my tax affairs than I would spend if I did it myself. Wrong on just about every count. My experience with Mostons was like having an old friend take a weight off your shoulders. Despite the fact I didn ‘t make it easy for them – it was near the end of January before I gave them a big box of papers – it took them a very short chat with me and 24 hours later it was done and all without me breaking out in a sweat. Not only that, but Paul Maston has made some very helpful suggestions that will save me money over the next year and would more than cover the cost of his very modest invoice. So thanks Paul and the team at Mostons- I will be taking your advice, and with you doing my tax return, who knows – it could even be done before August. It certainly won’t be causing me any heartache in the future and I would heartily recommend you to any other business owner for peace of mind delivered speedily and with a smile. Best wishes
- Pat Cooper
Client: Pat Cooper
Company: Herbalife
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