Tax Return

The number one question we are always asked is how much does it cost to do a tax return.

At Mostons, we tell our clients how much the process will cost before we start any work, .  It isn’t ‘one fee fits all’, as no two tax returns are the same.

If you’re a builder and I ask how much it will cost to build a wall, you would need to know how long, how deep and how high it will be, and what materials are to be used.  We are no different, as we need to know basic information about you, including

  • sources of income;
  • whether you are employed or self-employed;
  • if you have investments, property income or overseas interests.

This information is just scratching the surface. There’s a lot to remember and our checklists are designed to help you organise your affairs into something manageable.

Our work includes all data input, analysis and reports and comes hand in hand with support, advice and guidance.  We will submit the correct information to HMRC on your behalf, and will explain both the process and the details to you.

As HMRC agents we have access to specially designated HMRC phone lines, ensuring that our calls to them are answered quickly and by staff who are trained to work with accountants.

Many of our clients are local individuals who are required by HMRC to complete a tax return, for whatever reason.  Mostons takes away that burden.